Welbilt Customer Service & Warranties


Welbilt Homes is just as committed to your satisfaction once you take possession of your home, as we are during construction. Our warranty is for a period of one year along with Manufacture's warranties.  We have our own rigid standards for the quality of construction for every one of our homes and these meet or exceed standard warranty practices found throughout the building industry. Builders can tell you that there won't be any problems and that you won't have any issues arise, before, during and most importantly, after you move in.  We are realists and know that when an issue comes up or you have concerns, you can count on Welbilt to be there with you. We put pride into our reputation as a prestigious builder that stands behind each and every home we build. We have built hundreds of homes since we stood the first wall in 1986. Many of the homes we build are returning customers whom were so pleased with their home they wanted us to build another one. Whether they are building a bigger home for their growing family, or downsizing to enjoy the Golden Years, we will exceed their expectations. 


The reason for such a dignified reputation is because we care. While price is king and typically take precedence when choosing your builder, you have to look beyond the numbers and the construction of your home to when you need your builder the most. Welbilt will be there for you after you move in. Let's be honest, no home is perfect. We can't promise our customers there won't be questions or concerns once living in your home, but we can promise that we take our warranty serious and we will be there with you. In some cases we are eventually the builder of the next generation, their children, who grew up in a Welbilt Home!