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6 Ways to Bring 🍀Luck🍀 into Your New Home!

Do you have any lucky charms? Or how about old superstitions? Since this month is about 🍀St. Patrick’s Day,🍀 let’s talk about ways you can bring luck to not only your life, but your home and the loved ones you share it with!

Door Colors

A great way to create a stand-out home is by painting your front door a bright and cheerful color that pops! Not only does painting your door add charm, but depending on its location and color, a bit of luck, too.

⬇️South Facing Doors: Red or Orange

⬆️North Facing Doors: Blue or Black

⬅️West Facing Doors: Gray or White

➡️East Facing Doors: Brown or Green


Adorning your home with a beautiful bouquet is a simple way to welcome spring indoors, but also to make you just a bit luckier! Those who practice feng shui believe good fortune will follow you if you bring this piece of nature inside. Looking to keep the luck coming? Plant a garden with your favorite flora and fauna and pick your own throughout the year!


We all know that a broken mirror can bring bad luck, but how about one that reflects nature into your home? Strategically placing mirrors in your living room or other common areas so that they reflect trees or other landscapes that can fill your space with positive energy. Imagine bringing that beautiful maple tree indoors.

White String Lights

While you might think string lights are strictly reserved for the holiday season, they should actually remain up during the entire year! Hang up some of these elegant lights in your entryway or outdoor living areas to keep good fortune 365 days a year.


Elephants are a calm, mild animal that many people find peaceful and unassuming. In lots of cultures, elephants resemble strength and wisdom, and those with upwards trunks are said to bring good luck. We know keeping an elephant in your house isn’t exactly a reasonable lucky charm, but adding an elephant figurine will do just the trick.


Looking for a pet that requires less maintenance than a dog or cat? Well, you’re in luck! We aren’t kidding around on this one. Goldfish are a great symbol of abundance and prosperity, and are the perfect pet for those who don’t like constant cleanup. Add a new companion and a lucky charm all at once!


Which one of these ideas are you going to do to bring more good luck to your home? 

You know what else is a way to bring good luck to your new home and have fun at the same time? It’s coming to our showroom for your hands-on experience of all the quality products you have the opportunity to install in your new home. See you there.

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