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From Vision to Blueprint: The Preliminary Design Process with Justin Roberts

At Welbilt Homes, every custom home begins with a detailed and thoughtful planning process. Justin Roberts, Architectural Draftsman, plays a pivotal role in ensuring each home is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs and desires of all our clients. Through his expertise, the preliminary process transforms ideas into tangible blueprints and sets the stage for successful construction. Let’s take a closer look at the steps Justin and his fellow draftsman, Olivia, take to bring your custom home to life.

architect drafting tools displayed over detail blueprint

Transforming Model Floor Plans into Custom Designs

Justin gets involved in the process once you have chosen either a floor plan we offer or a custom floor plan that you might share with them. This then serves as the foundation for providing customization to your home. The real essence of his work lies in the ability to tailor the plan you choose to your vision. Through understanding what it is that you would like and prefer, provides Justin with the ability to create a personalized layout that reflects your lifestyle and aspirations. This flexibility allows you to have a home that grows with you and one you will love for years to come.

Developing Interior Layouts and Elevations

Once a model floor plan is selected, Justin and his team get to work on developing the interior layouts. “We look at the aspects of what needs to be changed in the interior from your initial requests. We may need to remove or move walls which, in the end, may affect the structural integrity,” Justin explains. This foundational layout serves as the bases for further customization and refinement, ensuring that the home meets both functional and aesthetic needs.

Creating Exterior Renderings

Another critical part of the preliminary process is the creation of exterior renderings. These visual representations help clients envision the final look of their home. “Exterior renderings are essential for bringing the client’s vision to life,” Justin emphasizes. These renderings can capture the architectural style, materials, and color schemes that you may prefer. This also provides Justin with a bit of artist license to suggest a style that might be trending. This then can provide a preview of what the finished exterior could look like.

Reviews, Revisions and Customer Feedback

Before presenting the plans to you, it is very important that an internal review is conducted to ensure all design elements are feasible and meet our high standards. This internal check helps identify any potential issues early on, allowing for adjustments to be made before your review. Sometimes we do find that a floor plan which was chosen may not be the best choice and instead share with you another floor plan that has all the needs and amenities you need.

Do you have a “Wish or Want List”? This is the ideal time for you to have a detailed discussion with Alana so she can share them with Justin and his team.

When the preliminary plans are ready, Alana presents them to you for your feedback. Whether there are absolutely no changes or multiple, this is the time to make all the changes you would like to love your home for years to come. His team’s role is to listen carefully to what you convey to Alana, then understand your desires, and translate them into actionable revisions. This process ensures that the final design meets or exceeds your expectations.

Your feedback might include altering room layouts, adjusting elevations, or modifying exterior features. “Attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction drive this phase,” Justin notes. Every change is made with your vision in mind while maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Our extreme care to the attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your home is perfect before moving forward.

Final Approval and Moving Forward

The revisions have been made and we are ready to present them to you for your final approval. This marks a significant milestone in the preliminary process. With your approval, it ensures that we can move forward to the creation of final construction prints. These detailed documents will guide the construction team through the building process, ensuring that every aspect of your home is built to the exact specifications laid out in the approved plans. We will share more details about the final construction prints in a future “Behind The Build.” Next month, we will visit the design center for selections to further personalize your home.


The preliminary process at Welbilt Homes is a meticulous and collaborative effort that transforms your vision into a detailed blueprint. From initial model floor plans to customized layouts, exterior renderings, and internal reviews, each step is carefully managed to ensure that the final design meets all your expectations. This thorough approach not only ensures structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, but also provides a seamless transition to the construction phase. With final approvals, you can confidently move forward, knowing your dream home is being built to your exact specifications.