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Home Building Customization – À la Carte Options

How Do You Like Your Meals? Family Style, À la Carte, Or You Get What You Get – even if you don’t like it?

Here at Welbilt Homes Inc. we feel that we want to give our customers exactly what they want – À la Carte “Getting What You Want.” For nearly 37 years we have made this our business model – to give our customers what they want – not the deal we got from our vendors to sell as many heat pumps, granite tops, paint packages, etc. We have realized that our customers tastes vary – not everyone wants the “You Get What You Get” mentality because that’s the deal we made.

Rather we have found that we have made a baseline of a level playing field for all of our customers with this thought process:

• Building materials that have been proven through the years to best serve our customers without sacrificing quality and/or costs.

• By not using subpar building products we can be assured as a builder that your home will withstand the years of service that your home will bring you. There is no point in using subpar building products and cutting corners on proven building products that have served us well to bring you a “You Get What You Get” product.


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Common Questions:

Q: Why do your standard specifications (base price) only include electric baseboard heat? Why don’t you include a heat pump and a/c, or gas heat and a/c etc.?

A: The answer is very simple….we want to treat all of our customers the same, we want them to choose what heating system they want – not something that we want to appoint or choose for them. Does anyone stay with electric baseboard heat – most do not, but what this method does is allow us to give you the upgraded heating system of your choice that is within your budget.

Q: Why is painting not included in your standard specifications?

A: There are multiple levels of paint packages – again us making an assumption of what all of our customers want. It is better to have an à la Carte price than to be forced to have something that you don’t want or the cost of upgrading a package that has been “selected” on your behalf. No one wants “You Get What You Get”.
A: Lot Improvement Costs – There are times when other business models complicate the process of having a total bottom line for the home cost and the total bottom line for the lot improvements by including lot improvement costs in the base price of their homes. Our business model would rather you understand that this is the house cost, and this is the lot improvement cost, a very very simplistic understanding that does not have to be complicated.

Understanding standard specifications is understanding what your “base price” is. Including upgraded options in the “base price” only inflates the base price. Our business model has been trusted for nearly 4 decades by thousands of customers and the old adage of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” applies to us. We would rather educate our customers on the why and how our business model works. Other business models may include a different heating system, painting etc., but the base price of the home is higher, no one is giving away a free lunch! The bottom- line number, whether your option list is long or short, what is or what isn’t included in the base price, that is the number that you will spend.

Why not shop a builder who allows you to “Get What You Want” our À la Carte business model, then to shop a builder that gives you “You Get What You Get” or pay so much more for what you actually want if you upgrade from their business model.

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