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How to Choose an Interior Paint Scheme You’ll L❤️VE

Decisions, decisions, decisions; what color to paint all of the rooms of your newly constructed home? There’s so much to consider! Each room has its own personality and use. Do you want to bring the outdoors into your home with vibrant colors like greens, blues, and yellows? Or, do you want to keep it a neutral color and leave the accessories and furnishings to be the showcase of your home? Color theory is a whole psychological study on how it affects mood, below are a few categories on how to choose the right color palette vibe in your home.

Color Psychology 101

  • White – Cleanliness, Youth, Cool and Refreshing
  • Black – Elegance, Mystery and Sophistication.
  • Red – Confidence, Excitement, Energy, and Passion (the most psychologically stimulating color).
  • Brown – Earth, Security and Sense of Comfort.
  • Orange – Wholesome, Balance, Warmth, and Stimulates the Appetite (perfect for the kitchen or dining
  • Yellow – Happiness, Optimism, and Inspiration.
  • Green – The color of Nature; calm and relaxing.
  • Blue – Cool and Calming; symbolizes the sky and Heaven.
  • Purple – Wealth, Creativeness, and Wisdom.
  • Pink – Innocence and Tranquility.
  • Grey – A Classic. Intelligence and Discipline.
  • Silver – Prosperity and Wealth.
  • Monochromatic – A color scheme that uses tints and shades of one color.
  • Analogous – Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Complementary – Colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

Bring the Outdoors In

Let’s talk about bringing the outdoors into your home. How about pulling in the sky? Blue is the perfect option for this cool and calming accent. Our suggestion would be to choose one wall as a focal point and make it a darker hue from the three other walls. Imagine this wall featuring a collage of family photos or featuring your entertainment center. Or perhaps green like Mother nature herself. This will bring a sense of harmony, life and energy.

Match Your Home Exterior

What is the color scheme you are planning for the exterior of your home? Why not continue the same theme inside. When going for neutral hues like tans, creams, and grays, you have the ability to add pops of color with your accessories and furniture. Imagine, painting your walls all beige, and showcasing your dining room with a dark walnut table and chairs. Or in reverse with dark gray walls and a dining room set that features beige cushioned seats? This contrasted style appears simply regal, elegant and simply eye catching.

Customize your home

What’s great about working with us is that we provide you with three different paint options. Our Essential Package leans towards what we shared above when referencing using a neutral color throughout. It includes one standard color for the walls, ceilings, and trim with white added as an upgrade. Our Lifestyle Package is a great choice for those who want to have a variety of colors throughout the house. It includes up to 5 colors for the walls and white for the ceiling and trimming. For those who love to paint themselves, we offer our Home Owner Option which provides you with the ability to paint to your heart’s content.

Have more questions about the paint packages we have here at Welbilt Homes? Feel free to make an appointment and come into our showroom. We would love to share the options you have and tell you about the quality of paints we choose to create the paint scheme you will l❤️ve. Contact our Selections and Design Consultant, Laure, to talk about the paint packages Welbilt Homes has for you! 610.916.2020

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