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How to find a Building Lot ?

Today’s segment is how to go about finding a building lot.  The obvious is to most people location, school district and proximity to infrastructures, such as stores, main highways,  the school itself. 

But beyond that……I always tell our clients, I can build you a house anywhere.  I can create exactly what you want, but I can’t create the location, the ambiance of the lot.  That is where the client really needs to be engaged with either us to help secure your lot or if you have already have a realtor that they are working with.

The two top items that need to be considered after the client narrows down the area of the new home building site is how is the lot serviced?  Is it public water and sewer or is it on site septic and on site well. These are price drivers.  These are items that will not change. 

Most clients today typically use a “due diligence time” or a what I call a “Discovery Phase” to see what else is the lot going to need in order to build a new home on it. 

We build in 318 municipalities in the Commonwealth of Pa. Out of those municipalities, approximately 90-95% require engineering and land development plans. 

We are a full service builder providing all of the required engineers and consultants to get the job done. 

Give us a call to further discuss any other questions that you may have on engineering and lot acquisition. 

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