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We are NOT A Modular Home Builder

We build On-site, Affordable Custom Homes



Welbilt Homes Inc. is a full-service custom homes builder. From start to finish, our on-site construction projects typically take equal or less time than modular home construction. Our newly constructed homes include the following: Full Basement, Plumbing hook-up, Electrical hook-up, and Gutters.  Welbilt Homes handles every phase of the project. Feel free to shop & compare!

Why go modular when you can have a 100% site-built home?

Most people that are looking into modular homes, are looking for a less expensive alternative to a custom-built home. What a lot of home buyers don’t realize, is that a newly constructed custom home is not only better than a modular home, but it is comparable in price!

What is a modular home?

Modular homes are built in sections at a factory.  Each section is numbered and transported to the building site on truck beds. Once the sections are on site, they joined together by local contractors. Modular homes are sometimes less expensive per square foot than site-built houses, but typically lack the customization options that can be done with new construction.It is common to run into land and foundation issues with modular construction, and homeowners often have trouble getting financing for modular home construction.

New Construction by Welbilt Homes Inc.

Our wood frame homes are built entirely on the building site. Our newly constructed homes conform to all state, local and regional codes where the house is located. These types of homes make up the majority of all new homes constructed today and are the favored way to build a home. A site-built home from Welbilt Homes is built to last, and generally increases in value over time.

Compared to modular homes, newly constructed homes, built on-site, offer the following benefits:

  • Better Insulation
  • Lower Deterioration
  • Full Foundation
  • Full Hook-Ups
  • Customization
  • No Limits on Design and Size
  • More Standard features for less
  • Quick Build Time
  • Durable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Low in Production Energy

We offer a large variety of customizable home plans. Click here to browse our popular home plans, or click here to view a gallery of some of our completed projects.

About Welbilt Homes Inc.

Welbilt Homes Inc. is a family owned and operated company dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. Since 1986, we’ve specialized in building custom homes that are not only visually stunning, but built to last for generations. We are not a high-volume, high output company. We typically build around 30-40 homes a year, making sure each home is expertly crafted and gets the attention to detail it deserves. Serving over 17 different counties in Pennsylvania including towns like Ephrata and Tamaqua, Welbilt Homes is a trusted leader in home construction and has worked hard to earn the reputation we have in our industry.

Click here to learn more about our Welbilt Homes.

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