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Save Now, Pay Later? The True Cost of Skimping on Windows During Your New Home Build

While on the journey of crafting your new home, every decision is important. Some simply are an immediate allure while others are about the lasting comfort of your home. One of the choices you should never, ever skimp on: WINDOWS. You may find yourself at a crossroads when selecting windows during your new home build. Here’s where the path of initial savings can diverge sharply from the route of enduring value. And, this is where our narrative to introduce you to our selection of quality windows comes into play. They offer not just a product but a promise of lasting efficiency and unparalleled comfort for your custom-built home. large living area with big windows along each wall

Understanding the Value of High-Quality Windows

Opting for lower-quality windows might appear appealing as a cost-saving shortcut during your new home build, but it’s a decision that can lead to higher energy bills and a compromised comfort level during seasonal extremes, like the middle of Winter or the sweltering heat of Summer. Windows are not merely openings in the wall; they are the defenders of your home’s energy efficiency, letting in light and warmth while protecting against the weather. Window selections from window dealers like Andersen, Viwinco or Harvey elevates this role, delivering exceptional insulation and reducing the need for heating and cooling, thereby making your home more comfortable and cost-effective year-round.

Embracing Sustainability and Efficiency

Choosing quality windows mirror the current ethos of seeking sustainable and efficient solutions for your living spaces. With a commitment to these principles, it is evident they can offer your home with excellence in energy performance. This approach not only aligns with a forward-thinking mindset but also guarantees that your home remains a haven of comfort in any season, all while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Beyond Initial Savings

While the upfront cost of high-quality windows might be higher than lesser alternatives, the investment is one that reaps continuous rewards. Enhanced energy efficiency translates to lower utility bills, something we all care about. The durability means fewer replacements and repairs—a benefit for both your budget and peace of mind over the years.

Your Partner in Quality, Welbilt Homes

By building your custom home with us, you are choosing a partner who stands by the principles of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Our long-standing tradition of excellence is complemented by our commitment to using top-tier materials like what you will find with Andersen, Viwinco or Harvey windows. This ensures that every home we build meets our high standards and your expectations.


Building your dream home is a tremendous endeavor, marked by decisions that define your style, character, and livability. While the temptation to cut initial costs is understandable, investing in quality elements ensures your home is not just a place of residence but a haven of comfort, efficiency, and lasting value. With Welbilt Homes, you are not just making a choice for today; you are investing in the future of a new home. Let’s move forward with you to help create a home that not only reflects your dreams and wants but also exudes our commitment to quality and sustainability. From Danielsville to Lancaster and everywhere in between, Welbilt knows how to make your dream home.

white room with big clear windows letting light in