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Tips for Building A New Home

Thinking of building your dream home but don’t know where to start? We can help! We pulled together some information to consider when preparing to build your new home.

Ask yourself, what do you love about your current home and what do you dislike? Make sure to make a list. What about your best friend’s home? Or something you wished you had to make cooking dinner before soccer practice easier? What about that dog shower you used in the most recent Airbnb you stayed in? Be sure to use your current experiences to help you with your list.

Start with a “need” list. These are items you MUST have in your home and cannot live without, such as three baths for all your overnight visitors, a fireplace in your family room that will keep you warm in the winter or a double oven for those holiday dinners.

Then start a “want” list, this should include items you desire but are not a deal breaker. These items may include a finished basement for your Saturday night card games or a covered porch for late summer gatherings. Again, these are not deal breakers, but they are an important part of the overall picture of your home.

Once you have completed your need and want lists, you will want to ask yourself a few more questions about your wants and needs. For example, how many styles of garage doors are offered? Do you want a wood burning fireplace or gas? Asking yourself these questions will help you in the preparation when designing your new home.

A great tip is to gather pictures to help with ideas for your new home. Write down what you specifically like about the photo and how it makes you feel. Customers often share pictures of homes with us but, we are not sure if they are trying to tell us they like the kitchen, the floors, or the wall color, etc.

Now, are you excited to start building your new home? We are committed educating and helping homeowners about the building experience from start to finish. Taking time to prepare for this process will help the designing of your new home to be fun and less stressful.