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What Defines A Custom Home Builder?


What Defines A Custom Home Builder

Well, there are three types of builders, custom home builders, spec or speculative home builders, and tract home builders.  My husband, Larry, has always been a custom home builder and will always remain a custom home builder. 

Back in the early 2000’s when the economy tanked out, a lot of the builders and speculative home builders came over to the custom home builders side. Unfortunately, custom home building is a trade of its own and not easily distinguished between the three of them. We would like to think that only Welbilt Homes will, and only ever will be, a custom home builder. 

That said, what we do is take our clients budget into mind, their lot improvements into mind,  and their dreams into mind and to make them a reality.  There are a few things that will not change, the clients lot will never change, the improvements somewhat change depending on their lot and how long they wait to get started.  If your township or borough or municipality is waiting to implement new codes, sometimes what is today will not be what is tomorrow.  It always easier to start now and get in before new codes are implemented which are always things that drive prices up. 

We then take the client’s budget, we try to bring it into a budget friendly home that they love.  Sometimes we have plans in our catalog of homes that clients love but sometimes that doesn’t happen so some clients bring us their dream home, and we always say to them, we will price this out, but if it becomes that it is out of your budget what we will do is ask you to take the top three things that you absolutely love about this house plan and we will take those three things and implement them into one of our standard plans, customize it to fit your needs and your budget and then you will be able to make those dreams come into a reality. 

Please take the time to browse our catalog, take a look at what we have and if there is something there that you love, that’s great, if there is something there that you love but would like to take and make it just be part of yours, that’s what custom home building is all about. 

We like to say here at Welbilt, we define custom home building. So again, checkout our website, our full catalog of homes is one there.  Every home is custom built to fit the needs and the budget of all of our clients. 

Thank you for visiting and we will see you soon!