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Who Is Welbilt Homes ?


In the Late 80’s, my husband Larry, who is a mason by trade, started his own masonry company and that is how we broke into the building business, laying brick and block and doing other masonry work for many of the local builders in south central Pennsylvania. It wasn’t before long we wanted to dive into the deep end and start building homes and we fell love with the whole building process.

Since then we have moved our headquarters from south central Pennsylvania to a more central region of central Pennsylvania in Leesport, Berks County and built an over 10,000 sq. facility where all of our clients can come to visit our office headquarters and state of the art Design Center to better serve our community.

It has a taken years to fully assemble what we feel are some of the best employees who make up our complete support staff here at Welbilt Homes. Each and everyone play an integral part in the day to day business here at our Design Center and Headquarters.

To ensure you that Welbilt Homes is moving forward into the future, both our son and daughter in law are fully engaged and on staff and together with their two daughters have already promised to continue their fathers and grandfathers legacy as one of Central Pennsylvanias Premier Builders!

Both Larry and myself take our business very seriously and are hands on with each and every client that builds a home with us.

I will be coming to you weekly with different segments of how the building process works.

I look forward to the time I will spend with you and until then, please feel free to browse our website and by all means feel free to contact me or someone on my sales team either by phone or email to setup your own personal time where we can discuss your building dreams.

Thank you for your time and I will see you soon!